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Safety Net Repairs


Due to Safety Netting requirements to withstand a falling body into a net, it is imperative that Safety Netting meets all Industry Standards for Testing and Repairs set by FASET.


Safety Nets which are usually made from polypropylene, may be adversely affected over a period of time by ultra violet light. Nets can be weakened by UV degradation.

They may also be damaged by other factors such as heat, cutting, abrasion and general usage wear and tear.


MR Nets UK Ltd offer a comprehensive Net Repair Service, be it one strand or Patch repairs.

Border Rope Repairs, Patch repairs using Hog C Rings made from Stainless Steel.

Net Repairs are done to a very high standard.

All repairs are labelled with a Tag Repair Label with date of repair.


Net Testing


We also have in place a Net Testing Service,

Nets are required to be tested on a 12 monthly basis and must reach the legal requirement of 220 Kn or above to comply with standards set by FASET.


All nets must comply with BS EN 1263.


Products are tested to:


Border Cord Rope - 30 Kn


Mesh sizes 45mm/60mm/100mm


Min Energy Absorbtion -  4-14 Kj.


All nets in every day use are checked before going to site & on return, any repairs are carried out immediately to guarantee that they are ready for re-use.

These repairs are logged.


After the testing of a net sample,

a certificate of conformity will be issued with


Date of manufacture Test Result

Summary of net damage repairs

Date of Test

Name of Tester & Company Name.


Every net has a complete Hire, Repair and Test History logged on our system.


Mick Rollason has been qualified as a Net Repair Technician since 2002








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