The Safe Edge System


Safe Edge system was originally designed and developed as an edge protection system to protect the roof worker within the Roofing and Cladding industry.

Unlike some edge protection systems on the market today which only offer fall arrest or part fall protection / part fall arrest, the Safe Edge system offers full fall protection for the roof worker.

The unique clamp-type edge protection system was developed to accommodate the varying types of eaves and verge details found on new steel frame buildings within the construction industry.

Safe Edge can be attached to most types of steelwork detail including columns, rafters, stubs and purlins, and in addition to being used at full height roof level to protect roof workers, it can be used to form edge protection on mezzanine floors etc.




The Safe Edge System not only to conforms with Working at Height Regulations but also with the European Standard BS EN 13374, and this standard is now used by most major contractors as the guideline for edge protection within the construction industry.

Testing on the system was carried out several years ago at Ceram Laboratories in Stoke-on-Trent, Ceram being one of the leading testing laboratories for the roofing and cladding industry.

The Safe Edge System has been tested to class A, B and C of the European Standard and can now accommodate bay sizes up to ten metres.



Safe Edge operate five 7.5tonne flatback vehicles which are capable of carrying up to 300m of edge protection.


Speed and Efficiency

The Safe Edge System allows us to carry out our work not only safely and efficiently, but also more quickly than most if not all edge protection systems on the market today. We have installed as much as 300mts in a single day working from a boomlift with one operative!




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